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TCS lay Off people having less than 2+ expereice with one month notice!!

Posted by newscap on February 5, 2008

Today TCS has sent an officiall mail individually to those who have less than 2 years of experience. The mail asked them to resign from TCS. They have been given one month notice period. It seems the initial head count comes around 2500 people.  The reason stated is – Q3 target is not acheived. 

Though people have worked as they use to work on any other quarters, it is because of Stock market gambling and USA subprime crisis TCS failed in reaching its targets. To mention it more clearly, it is not even a loss to TCS. It is just the lack of their profit that drives innocent employees out.

Incridible India???… No guys it is actually Insolent India.

Source: Net Pals


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2 Responses to “TCS lay Off people having less than 2+ expereice with one month notice!!”

  1. Uk bloke said

    In the UK and US the economic downturn means that less tax is recovered, and with high immigration this is a problem.

    If India had its own MNC’s then it would be unaffected, but India is still a ‘dog’ for the ‘boy’ in your story.

    It is sad, but you must see that what people need is infrastructure, roads, food, laws and their life is better, then they work pay taxes and you have your own MNC.

    Or you follow china model where nobody trust you enough other than to let you develop applications, no datacentre work.

    You should get exp…and come to UK lots of India here and have a good life, subsidised by uk government if you loose job 🙂

  2. abc said

    yes,the news is true

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