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TCS lay Off people having less than 2+ expereice with one month notice!!

Posted by newscap on February 5, 2008

Today TCS has sent an officiall mail individually to those who have less than 2 years of experience. The mail asked them to resign from TCS. They have been given one month notice period. It seems the initial head count comes around 2500 people.  The reason stated is – Q3 target is not acheived. 

Though people have worked as they use to work on any other quarters, it is because of Stock market gambling and USA subprime crisis TCS failed in reaching its targets. To mention it more clearly, it is not even a loss to TCS. It is just the lack of their profit that drives innocent employees out.

Incridible India???… No guys it is actually Insolent India.

Source: Net Pals


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IBM fires Freshers!!!

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IBM fires Freshers!!!

Posted by newscap on January 24, 2008

In third world countries like India Multination corporate like IBM follow the Business model known as Profit Center/Cost Center. Indian IBM will be a separate Pvt Ltd which gets its projects outsourced from IBM USA. That is the logical client to IBM, India is IBM USA. This model ensures the profits of IBM USA, the corporate head, never affected, because if there is nothing left in India for their exploitation they would shift their projects easily to some other parts of the World, Like – IBM Srilanka, IBM Philippines etc. IBM is given here as an example.

Right now these MNCs are in a process to cut their cost spending. As part of this cost cutting process recently IBM has fired contract employees and Bench peoples. At least those who fired earlier were given couple of month’s time, hence they were able to find job. But now for these poor Freshers who came out of college and joined IBM with big dreams are being sacked on the same day they are informed about this.

Post 1990 India was opened up for the exploitation of World capital, from there to till now these IT/ITES companies have created only 16 Lakhs of Job. Where as during the same period the reforms happened in the SSI has wiped out those small industries stand on their own legs and has made almost all the SSI serving the MNCs and Comprador companies (Now SSIs doing contract jobs for MNCs/Comprador companies). Because of this process more than 12 Lakhs lost their jobs. And the story of Indian Agriculture is very very big one where crores of people lost their jobs and working as daily labors in cities for a pittance. And the same period saw the increase of students coming out of Engineering colleges, now stands almost ten lakhs. While, things are like this these MNCs/Comprador companies are enjoying 100% income tax exemption through out this period and till now. And it is this lay off now happening.

When these same companies never bothered to cull even their American employees they may not find it a big deal to quash out Indian employees.  This is what should be understood from this. Add to this, hire and fire is going to become a legal thing soon. And this is actually humiliating and undignified to working in IT companies like voiceless orphans.


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