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2 terror suspects arrested in Hubli!!

Posted by newscap on January 26, 2008

The Propaganda Techniques:

Times Of India – 25 January 2008, Front page News in Bangalore edition:

2 terror suspects arrested in Hubli!!

Two students were arrested in Hubli on Thursday night on suspicion of being associated with a terrorist group. The police recovered jihadi material, a revolver, crude bombs, CDs and a pen drive from them…..


The Next day, on 26 January 2008, 9th page of the same Newspaper:

Held men are not terrorists, but bike-lifters

This revelation has an interesting fallout for two MBBS students who were arrested by the Hubli police on Thursday night. The police had claimed the students — Mohammed Ismail, a fourth-year MBBS student at KIMS, and his friend Asif, a student at Ayurvedic College in Heggeri of Hubli —were picked up based on the information provided by Shabbir, who stands exonerated of any serious charge now.


This is not new but a well proven strategy of Brahmanic facists. The same TOIs owned Vijayakarnataka is an organ of RSS Brahmanic terrorists. The below piece is from an article written by GAURI LANKESH, exposing the Democratic-masked facist News papers.

“”Even after these facts were presented to the newspapers, they refused to carry clarifications the next day. Finally we had to persuade the superintendent of police to organise a press conference where he clarified that neither were Pakistani flags carried nor pro-Pakistan slogans shouted. The papers did carry details of this press conference but not on the front page – the report was carried as a small item on their inside pages! “”


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