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Posted by newscap on January 29, 2008

‘Software shakhas’ draw IT pros to RSS
28 Jan 2008, 0214 hrs IST, Gutam Siddharth, TNN

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is adding colour to India’s booming IT sector: saffron.

Efforts to induct young, upwardly mobile IT professionals into its fold have gained momentum in “cybercities” across the country: from Pune to Hyderabad, and from Chennai to Noida.

RSS is drawing young professionals in substantial numbers in these cities to events called “IT Milans” with the ultimate aim of using the networking skills of the young to spread its message.

These “software shakhas” contain everything — from power-point presentations on RSS’s community work to yoga. In fact, video conferences will soon be added to this list.

IT professionals gather once a week in these cities and their numbers are rising.

“The first software shakha was held in Bangalore in 2003-04. It’s a new experiment to connect with emerging sections of professionals,” says Ram Madhav, former RSS spokesman.

“At the Pune IT Milan, more than 1,000 turned up, which isn’t a bad number.”

“The number of youths joining IT companies is increasing. We’ve introduced IT Milan to groom professionals towards RSS’s way of thinking,” says Pune-based Katcheshwar Sahane, western Maharashtra prant sanghachalak of RSS.

Source: TOI


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